About BRUW


Like all great inventions, BRUW was designed to solve a problem. Existing coffee filter products on the market catered to hot brewing, and didn’t produce the best results. Founder Max Feber saw a solution.

The BRUW Filter is the result of that vision, honed through rigorous testing and prototypes to create the perfect, mess-free cold brewing filter. BRUW was launched via Kickstarter in November 2015, and within a month had smashed its target goal to raise over $10,000. The first BRUW Filters were manufactured in January 2016. Max then took BRUW to Shark Tank in 2018 and came out with a deal from Mark Cuban! 

Since then, we've been acquired by Snarky Tea. The BRUW filter has been modified to work with both coffee and tea, making it the perfect cold-brew companion for any type of iced beverage.